Meditation Intensive

with Amita

   Join us for Satsang and meditation with Amita followed by question, answer and discussion. No strict form of meditation will be taught - your own way will be encouraged starting with your breath. Cathy will lead gentle yoga warm ups to bring us into our bodies in preparation for the meditation.

Amita' holds a direct transmission to the Awakened state. Her core teaching is that you already are whole and complete. She asks you to let go of the false and fixed ideas you use to identify yourself, and through that letting go, experience the Truth of your being.

When life unfolds from the core, we experience a deep sense of intimacy, of belonging. Intimacy means that there is nothing between you and the experience, no false identities, no ideas of separation. Life is immediate, fresh and natural.

Friday 18th Oct 7-9pm - Satsang with Question, answer and discussion

Sat/Sun 19-20th Oct 10am - 5pm, Meditation, lunch included

at The Loft, Upper Gardner Street, Brighton BN1 4AN

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