Scaravelli inspired Healing Yoga

Cathy's Scaravelli inspired Healing Yoga classes are a safe and lovingly supportive space in which students can deepen their existing yoga experience and practice, as well as explore any specific physical, mental or emotional health issues.

In a totally non-competitive energy space students are encouraged to both accept and then loosen and let go of adverse conditions. Students with ME, CFS or Fibromyalgia will find these classes particularly helpful as will those dealing with back or joint pain, stress or anxiety and other issues.

Class Timings:

Wednesday  10.30am - 12 Noon

12 Broad Street, Kemp Town, Brighton BN2 1TJ

5 classes for £40 - please book as space limited



‘moving towards involuntary expression of the true self’ 

This approach works to combine all aspects of being present, in the body, mind, emotion, and spirit. Drawing on her deep and broad experience of yoga as well as her training and experience as an Energy Healer and Shamanic practitioner, Cathy will help you discover and use a diverse range of self-help tools. You will be gently worked through a range of approaches to breath and body work from subtle and deep primal unfolding, to more intense and complex yogic postures. The entirety of experiencing body/ mind/emotion/spirit will also be explored through chakra energising and body alignment. Cathy’s early grounding in Iyengar yoga enables her to safely lead you into more challenging postures and sequences to release energy blocks and increase flow. Working with both the fluid body and with resistance, the body discovers what it needs to do or not do to release deeply held tensions. In this way we can unravel our ‘story’ and let go of the past without wallowing in negative, repetitive feelings that keep us stuck. In embracing the all with mindfulness, we may find our way to the still centre of our essence to feel the deepest possible connection with all that is.