The seeker in me has been active since childhood.  Life seemed to be a dream, I would often wonder about waking up, and knew that if only I could awaken from this dream everything would become clear and I would finally understand.  That belief, along with a strict catholic upbringing and a traumatic childhood experience helped to push me in the direction of becoming an ‘alternative’ seeking rebel.  A teen in the late 60s and 70s, I naturally immersed myself in the whole Hippy experience.  I read Carlos Castaneda (about learning to be a Shaman), Wilhelm Reich and Carl Jung, Germaine Greer’s ‘The Female Eunuch’ and studied the Upanishads and the Bhagavad Gita.  After a lot of trial and error in my desire to find deeper meaning in life and to understand myself, I discovered yoga.

Yoga is the one ‘system’ that I have stuck with - it has been my constant joy, support and guidance on life's journey.  Yoga naturally led to self-healing and my desire to work in support of healing others.   I also studied, and practised a variety of healing therapies and modalities including the Bach Flower Remedies, Alexander Technique, and Core Energetics. I met many wonderful people who encouraged me on my path.  I studied Yoga as Therapy and found to my delight that this was anyway the way I taught and practised - yoga is therapy!  I went on to do Reiki 1 and 2 and then discovered the incredible  healer Barbara Brennan, through her book ‘Hands of Light’.

In 2008 I was lucky enough to study with Barbara on the four year course in Austria.  This was a life-changing experience for me.  It brought together much of my previous study and practise in a holistic self-discovery journey, combining eastern and western therapy, allopathic, natural and complimentary healing modalities.  Brennan's healing system incorporates the entire physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies of the human energy field to bring about greater understanding of why we are the way we are and how to begin healing.  I studied chakras, elements, the psychology of character and much more, and brought it all together in my own yoga practice and teaching.

The icing on the cake for me was participating in an inspiring three year programme ‘Walking the Shamans Path’ with a powerful Shamanic healer and practitioner Patricia White Buffalo. (www.beheavenonearth.com)  ‘Buffy’ as she is affectionately known, teaches us to literally bring ‘Heaven down to Earth’ - creating your own life full of wonder.   I found myself able to bring much of what I had learnt in the past years into daily practice for the first time.  Finally the teaching is beginning to become a reality!  I am awaking to realise the dream!!

This is what I want to offer you - the support and teachings to enable you to live each day to the full.  For most of us our greatest difficulties are in doing the things that we know are good for us.   We all have great intentions but how on earth(!) are we able to follow these through? Bringing spirit and light into our daily lives to support us being our best selves is a constant daily practice and often hard to do alone.  Through the healing, yoga and courses I teach I hope to guide each of you to bring heaven to earth in your own unique way.